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Who we are

Boutique Business and M&A Law Firm

We counsel companies throughout the entire life cycle of their businesses, including entity formation, fundraising, growth planning, reorganization, M&A, and exit. The clients we represent come from a variety of industries, such as aviation, aerospace, defense, technology, transportation and healthcare, among others.

We appreciate that every company and transaction is unique, so at the beginning of a relationship or a transaction, we make a concerted effort to learn more about our client’s business and the factors important to their decision-making. This allows us to provide a tailored approach rooted in an understanding of our client’s goals, their business, and the industries in which they operate.

By combining our legal skills with practical business experience, we provide clients with a real world- approach that maximizes results and minimizes costs. We do our best to balance future needs into today’s business decisions in an effort to avoid controversy and minimize expenses, fees and exposure down the road. Results of our advice and counsel can be measured by the fact that the vast majority of our clients rarely encounter regulatory problems or litigation issues.

​Whether brought in to serve as outside general counsel for ongoing support or as special counsel to address specific needs, we are happy to help.

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